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We hope you are loving your new extensions!

At Bloom, we use only the best quality extensions and take great care to ensure that they blend seamlessly. We understand that hair extensions are an investment and are committed to giving you the longest lifespan possible. Check out our tips for maintaining your extensions below! 


In-Salon maintenance schedule

  • Avoid washing hair for 12 hours after application

  • Use shampoo and conditioner approved by your stylist

  • When washing, only condition mid-shaft to ends.

  • Use a serum on your extensions from mid-shaft to ends.

  • Use a heat-protectant product before applying heat to your extensions. avoid using heat over 200 degrees.

  • Always blow dry your extensions, making sure the root of the weft is completely dry.

  • Brush your extensions daily using a Wet Brush.

  • Brush extensions when dry, before/after washing, in small sections.

  • Rough dry 70-80% before smoothing out with a brush.

  • Schedule to move-up your extensions every 6-10 weeks, as per your stylist's recommendation.

  • Ask your stylist the proper method to put your hair up for the least damage with your hair and extension type.

  • Avoid chlorine/salt water on your hair to ensure quality and longevity.

  • Avoid getting sunscreen on the extension hair. this can turn the hair orange/pink.

  • Sleep with your hair in a soft braid or loose, low ponytail.

  • Sleep on a silk/satin pillowcase.

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At-Home Maintenance

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